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Usscan's Observation Introduction

Welcome to the written record of Dariv Garnara. I am an usscan or "watcher" from the planet Sationar. Actually, I am a fictional character developed by the imaginative mind of Clark Stone for entertainment purposes. Since 2002, Stone mulled over this writing project that involves an alien (me) visiting earth for the first time and what I would experience in the process.

Oh, did I mention that I would start off my stories and observations with amnesia? He has attempted to build this as an alien journal on five different occasions. This time will be his sixth, and he plans build a short stories series as well.

He considers this writing project an experiment in creativity. Yet, Stone does not know how this will turn out because he has never done anything like it before. His job will be to transcribe my misadventures into observations. Then he will use my observations as the basis of these stories. Thus, these short stories will contain my misadventures on this planet you call 'Earth.'

As it turns out, my experience (or experiment) on this planet lasts about a year and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Stone instituted a set of rules for this experiment that will guide me through my experiences. More rules may be added as the experiment continues. Once he posts a rule, I will follow it to the letter (in other words - the author does not plan on letting the rules be broken or changed). Click here to go to the Rules File.

Along with these observations and short stories, Stone plans to build short character references and a dictionary of sorts to be placed on his information site. One of these characters is a group of misbehaving Varnark who seemed to cause more trouble than I think they are worth. Yet, they do pull my butt out of the fire on several occasions that will redeem their worth. Other characters will show up in these observations and short stories, and I will introduce them as soon as Stone creates them.

In order for Stone to use my journal entries, I translated my notes from Sationarian to English. This I do so that Stone may be able to read my notes and to condense my notes. There may be occasions where a Sationarian word my slip by because there may not be a proper translation available. The translator has been partially damaged. How I came to choose Stone? I needed a weak-minded person (Mainly the author - Big Grin) to convert my story into a medium that my superiors may have access to.

Stone's Goals for This Project

To entertain anyone who reads these stories and observations.


Create stories and observations that will capture the reader's attention.


Not to offend those who read the short stories/observations.


To use elements of suspense and mystery - I do not know how successful I will be on this point.


To add humor when appropriate.


To create a year's worth of Short Stories.


To create a year's worth of Observations.

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