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by Daviv Garnara

With Input By

Other Alien Misfits

Welcome to the Observation section of the written record of Daviv Garnara These are my recorded observations translated into English by my oopss. I started recording these observations the day I landed on your planet. I am an usscan or "Watcher."

These observations are a conglomeration of mad fictional events meant to entertain those who dare to venture into my imagination. These pages of notes are about the Ygianan, Varnark, humans and me - all of whom are fictional characters developed my the imaginative mind of Clark Stone.

Though I used several of my observations to build my short stories, I decided that I would put this part of my project on hold. I fear that it may consume more time than I am willing to spend on building the journals. So, for the time being, this part of my project has been put on hold.

Thank you for your patience.

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I know extra stuff is to go here but at the present time, I do not have any extra stuff to put anywhere.

More stuff will appear in the future. Thanks!