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Short Stories

by Daviv Garnara


Other Alien Misfits

Welcome to the short story section of the written record of Daviv Garnara Being of sound body and demented mind, I have chosen to attempt to write several short stories using information I gathered on my earthly mission as an usscan or "Watcher."

These short stories are a conglomeration of mad fictional events meant to entertain those who dare to venture into my imagination. These pages of prose are about the Ygianan, Varnark, humans and me - all of whom are fictional characters developed my the imaginative mind of Clark Stone.

My first short story is really not so short. I use several of my Observations or Journal pages to help build this story. The pages may have edited sections to them as well as prose added to complete the not-so-short short story. It is about my arrival on this planet you call 'Earth.' Oh, the reason I say that this one is "not so short" is because the length reaches 8,200 words. That is why it has been split into three parts.

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